The Age of Unbeauty

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Friday 10 July

The Age of Unbeauty twists through a series of potent images and unanticipated moments of fragile vulnerability, in a work that reflects on man’s inhumanity to man. Garry Stewart attempts to articulate the dichotomies that exist in the terror wrought by humans alongside our imperative need for each other.

Using hapkido, gymnastics and the fearless attitude of the ADT dancers Stewart created an extreme mix of combative, breathtaking choreography in this work. From running up and across walls through to intertwining bodies at phenomenal speed, the dancers bring to life feats of physical daring as a means of transmitting the brutality that humans can visit upon each other as well as the urgency in the need to escape this. The Age of Unbeauty also manifests images of vulnerability and compassion, the necessity for human interconnection and our dependency upon each other.

The Age of Unbeauty won a number of Australian awards, including:
Outstanding Achievement in Choreography (Garry Stewart), Outstanding Performance by a Company and Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer (Dean Walsh) at the 2002 Australian Dance Awards, Best Female Dancer (Larissa McGowan) at the 2003 Green Room Awards and an Adelaide Critics Circle Group Award.

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