Adelaide Festival | Black Velvet

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28 February - 02 March 2020

The Odeon

Thrilling, young choreographer Shamel Pitts, Brazilian dancer Mirelle Martins and designer Lucca Del Carlo have created an award-winning multidisciplinary performance artwork that is a celebration of the many textures, beauty, delicacy, and power within us. Black Velvet is “a heart-piercing exploration of gender, race, identity, love and friendship” (Time Out Israel) that asks whether we can discover what is inside of us, between us and around us to bridge the distances so that we can see and meet each other. A unique hour of stunning physical performance.

Presented as part of the 2020 Adelaide Festival. 


19 - 27 June 2020

Heath Ledger Theatre, Perth

Garry Stewart’s work created for West Australian Ballet and Co:3 Australia, Reincarnation, returns in 2020 as a part of West Australian Ballet’s STATE

Of all things by Alison Currie

The Odeon

In 2020, Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) proudly presents, Of all things, a new work by Alison Currie.

Adelaide Festival | Mouthpiece

06 - 14 March 2020

The Odeon

Mouthpiece, Kieran Hurley’s sensational two-hander invites us to probe where the lines should be drawn. Adelaide Premiere and Exclusive.

Objekt – Adelaide

26 - 01 June 2020

Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre

Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) and Co:3 Australia present Objekt by Garry Stewart