Of all things by Alison Currie

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18 - 22 November 2020

The Odeon

Australian Dance Theatre in collaboration with multi-disciplinary South Australian design firm, Enoki, proudly presents an immersive experience by local choreographer, Alison Currie.

Of all things, is a new work from South Australian independent choreographer and performer, Alison Currie.

Within this unique exploration, Currie’s investigation into the nature of matter, dancers and The Odeon theatre will morph, meld, fuse and disconnect. 

 In collaboration with award-winning multi-disciplinary South Australian design firm, Enoki, Currie will create a tangible middle ground between the animate and inanimate, the mobile and fixed.

Coming to The Odeon in November 2020.

Returning to The Odeon: Covid Safe Plan

We cannot wait to welcome you back to The Odeon, but we'd appreciate it if you first took a moment to read our Covid Safe plan.


01 - 02 October 2020

8:00 pm

The Odeon, Norwood

The World’s Smallest Stage sees ten choreographers matched with twelve dancers and ten composers to create a series of new dance works, between 5-10 minutes’ each. Each new dance piece is confined to a living room size area of 2m x 2m.

Rough Draft

An evening for local artists to showcase their work in its early stages of development.

Secondment Week

The Odeon

Australian Dance Theatre's Secondment Week is an unparalleled opportunity for graduating tertiary dance students to receive unique ADT training.