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12 - 14 March 2021

Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide

World Premiere


Presented as a part of the Adelaide Festival, and following on from The Beginning of NatureNorth/South and The Circadian CycleSupernature is the culmination of Garry Stewart’s award-winning ‘Nature Series’, his choreographic investigation into the rhythms, cycles and movement of the natural world.

Supernature, references ideas on transhumanism as a springboard into new mythologies on the potential future of the species. In this work, Stewart decentres the stability of the Vitruvian man and our perceived understanding of ‘human’ by collapsing the divide between the anthropomorphic and zoomorphic. In the age of the Anthropocene, Supernature manifests as a surreal and awe-inspiring depiction of the relationship between humans and the natural world.

Eschewing dystopian depictions of nature, the overarching tone of Supernature is one of awe and wonder. It reflects on the unceasing and audacious creativity of nature. Through conjuring an otherworldly space, the stage becomes a site for the playing out of contemporary mythologies in relation to the evolution of the human body and the natural world.

Returning to The Odeon: Covid Safe Plan

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Rough Draft

An evening for local artists to showcase their work in its early stages of development.

Secondment Week

The Odeon

Australian Dance Theatre's Secondment Week is an unparalleled opportunity for graduating tertiary dance students to receive unique ADT training.