Give the Gift of Creativity

This month marks ADT’s 55th birthday. We ask you to give the gift of creativity.

Despite the crises of 2020 we are absolutely dedicated to delivering and launching the inaugural Australian Choreographic Commission in November this year.

With this new program ADT will work with one exceptional Australian choreographer each year, to devise and create a new choreographic work and deliver a season at South Australia’s dance hub and the home of ADT, The Odeon theatre.

This year we are thrilled to launch this program with Alison Currie. Alison’s practice examines the connection between inanimate forms and performers. For this  inaugural choreographic season, Currie is devising a new work called Of All Things.

Award-winning multi-disciplinary South Australian design firm Enoki are enlisted as collaborators and together they will create a tangible middle ground between the animate and inanimate, the mobile and fixed.

Of All Things will be an investigation into the nature of matter where ADT’s dancers and The Odeon theatre will morph, meld, fuse and disconnect.

Celebrate 55 years of outstanding South Australian Dance from ADT by supporting the launch of the Australian Choreographic Commission.

Give the gift of creativity by purchasing one (or more) of the essential items below:

Donate Two Student Tickets

The opportunity to experience dance

  • Donate two student tickets to Of All Things - $55 Create an unforgettable and inspiring experience that might just alter the course of two young lives.

    By gifting two student tickets you will introduce two young South Australians to Of All Things, Alison Currie, and the world of dance at South Australia's dance hub, The Odeon.
Donate 2 tickets

Enable A Day Of Development

The gift of creative freedom

  • SUPPORT A DAY OF DEVELOPMENT - $550 To work with our dancers and experiment with choreographic phrases and ideas is an extraordinary opportunity for an independent choreographer.

    As part of the Australian Choreographic Commission, choreographers will receive two weeks of development with ADT's nine professional and incredible dancers.

Enable development

Support Creative Collaboration

Create opportunities for local artists

  • SUPPORT CREATIVE COLLABORATION- $5,550 To create an exceptional production, choreographic artists must collaborate with sound, lighting, set and costume designers.

    By supporting a creative collaboration, you will ensure that Of All Things is a shining example of South Australia's creative best.
Create Collaboration

Support The Season

Give the Gift of Creativity

  • SUPPORT THE SEASON - $55,550 This gift will guarantee the continuation of Australian Choreographic Commission, and create a new platform to support the aspirations of South Australia's most talented dancers.

    By supporting the season Of All Things you will become a champion of South Australian choreography.

    Give the gift of creativity.
Support The Season