Associate Artists

Each year since 2019 the ADT has appointed a choreographer in the role of Associate Artist. This role is designed to provide an outstanding young choreographer with mentorship in the development of their work and the operations of a full-time dance company. It includes engagement with the company dancers, production staff, management and other allied staff. The role extends over a 12 month period with the recipient receiving a $20,000 stipend which is generously supported by the Tanja Liedtke Foundation.


Adrianne Semmens (2021)

Artists in Residence

Fresh AIR
The ICC provides 6-8 week part-time residencies for artists. During this time the artist is supported to engage in research and development of new work – either on a solo basis or in collaboration with colleagues. The artists are chosen through an application process and comes with a $6000 stipend. Supported by the Tanja Liedtke Foundation. Applications are currently closed.

Tanya Voges (2020)

Dianne Reid (2021)

International Choreographic Competition Hannover

Each year we host a finalist from the International Choreographic Competition Hannover, one of Europe’s most important choreographic competitions. The winner is provided with flights to Australia and accommodation for a three-week residency with Australian Dance Theatre. This prize is generously supported by the Tanja Liedtke Foundation.

(NB: Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, this initiative has been suspended until further notice.)



Tu Hoang (2020)

Oscar Buthelezi (2019)

Philippe Kratz (2018)

Humanhood (2017)

Botis Seva (2016)

Room to Move recipients

We support local artists through offering free rehearsal space in our Tanja Liedtke Studio and, where possible, in our main studio – The Odeon Theatre. For enquiries please contact Sarah-Jayne Howard: sarah-jayne@adt.org.au

Ben-Hur Winter


Gabrielle Nankivell

Motus Collective

Lina Limosani

Petra Szabo




Carlie Angel

Erin Fowler