Past Works

“…what we saw was rigorous, engaging and skillfully manipulated to bring the past into the present at a sophisticated and imaginative level of analysis and application… danced with ADT’s customary vigour and skill” (The Age)


Combining visual art, experimental media and human movement, Nascent is a visual and visceral journey through and about being.


Referring to Sogyal Rinpoche's major text The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying as well as Elizbeth Kubler-Ross' seminal work On Death and Dying Nothing was a work that explored death, loss and mourning.


Vocabulary, a collaborative project between Restless Dance Company and Australian Dance Theatre, explored the central theme of the construction of meaning through the confluence of bodies and written language.


Drawing on elements of classical ballet, contemporary dance, breakdance, yoga and gymnastics, as well as video art and electronic music, Stewart created a piece that cross examined the grande dame of classical ballet, Swan Lake, inverting the narrative completely.

The Age of Unbeauty

The Age of Unbeauty twists through a series of potent images and unanticipated moments of fragile vulnerability in a work that reflects on man's inhumanity to man.


A work that explores the nature of everyday physics, perception and the body-in-action via the nexus of dance and live photography, featuring renowned photographer Lois Greenfield live on stage.


Devolution explores the relationship between robotic and human performers within an artificial ecosystem.


Ignition is Australian Dance Theatre’s annual in-house season of new, short dance works created by Australian Dance Theatre dancers and invited local choreographers/artists.


Worldhood explores the nexus between live drawing and dance in relation to structures in architecture and nature, featuring Visual Artist Thom Buchanan live on stage.

Nought by Daniel Jaber

Choreographed by former Australian Dance Theatre dancer Daniel Jaber, Nought is an experiential performance where the audience is taken through a process of discovery, ending with a poignant insight into the dancing body and the dancer’s fragility.


In 2000 Garry Stewart premiered Birdbrain – an ironic, post modern deconstruction of Swan Lake. In 2008 Garry Stewart continued his project of referencing iconic ballet with the debut of G, a reworking of Giselle.

Collision Course

Collision Course is a short film conceived, choreographed and co-directed by Garry Stewart and produced and co-directed by Carmelo Musca. It involves a series of bodies colliding in mid-air captured in extreme slow motion at 1500 frames per second.


Exploring a wide range of complex patterns–from the stock market to microsurgery and British colonialism–Choreography is a bold and compelling dance-theatre work featuring NIDA students.