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Carlie Angel


Carlie Angel is a South Australian Dance Artist and choreographer working across various forms of performing arts.

Carlie has worked with Australian Dance Theatre (ADT), TasDance and a variety of diverse freelance and independent Choreographers across SA, Australia and internationally.
In 2009 she was nominated for Best Female Dancer for her Solo performance of Waiting for Violet by Mia Mason, presented as part of Auckland Dance Festival.
Carlie has presented her own choreographic work in ADTs Rough Draft, most notably her work Phrenic, based on her 10-year experience with the debilitating chronic illness Lyme Disease.

Carlie worked on Concrete Impermanence with Alison Currie in a creative role and as Rehearsal Director. Concrete Impermanence was presented at the Adelaide Festival Centre and went on to be performed at The Substation in 2018 and Dancehouse in 2019 for Dance Massive.


In 2019 Carlie was commissioned to choreograph a work OdDance for Noarlunga’s cross art-form event, SUE (Series of Unexpected Events) Foreshore Festival, produced by Paul Gazolla.

Carlie performed Karma, choreographed by Pascal Marty and Least Effort by Lewis Major for Rich Mix presented by Lewis Major at The Odeon during Fringe 2019.

A career highlight was being commissioned to choreograph and perform What Do You DO With an Idea in collaboration with internationally renowned composer Paul Rissmann and based on the best-selling book by Kobi Yamada, for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. The work was subsequently commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra and, under direction of Victor Craven, adapted and performed with the LSO at the Barbican center in 3 sell-out shows.

Fringe 2020 saw Carlie choreographing and performing for the dance-circus-acro work Lost, held in Ukiyo Gluttony, directed and presented by Carlie Hunter.

Carlie continues to collaborate with a diverse range of performance artists across the arts sector. She is interested in merging spiritual philosophy and practice, healing modalities, and dance art. Currently, Carlie is researching the role of Catharsis and trance states in dance practice for healing and spiritual ritual, as well as its role within the creative process and practice of professional contemporary dance.

Thanks to the ICC Carlie was able to create and choreograph the works, OdDances, Karma, Least Effort, and Lost.

The Tanya Liedtke Studio continues to be an invaluable resource in supporting her practice, giving her space to play, keep “dance fit” and engage in the all-important creative process.