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Adrianne Semmens


Adrianne Semmens is a dance practitioner with experience working across the arts, education and community sectors. Adrianne is a descendant of the Barkindji People of NSW and a graduate of NAISDA Dance College and Adelaide College of the Arts.

Identity and place continue to be reoccurring themes within Adrianne’s practice, investigated throughout her own choreographic explorations and community-based projects to embody place and memory, and interrogate social constructs.

Adrianne’s professional experience includes her role as a Dance Presenter for The Australian Ballet’s Dance Education Ensemble, as a performer for Jo Clancy, Gina Rings, Jade Erlandsen, Cathy Adamek and more recently Kurruru’s Senior Dance Ensemble led by Kaine Sultan-Babij.

Passionate about dance education and the role of dance in maintaining wellbeing, Adrianne has worked on many youth-focused initiatives, including projects for Kurruru Arts and Culture Hub, Carclew and Ausdance SA.

Residency with ADT – August 2020
Whilst in residence with ADT Adrianne undertook a choreographic exploration centred on WATER, our relationship to freshwater and saltwater. The exploration recognises water as a basic necessity and source of healing and comfort, but also exposing our vulnerability.

“This much-appreciated opportunity to work with the company’s dancers is allowing me to further my recent interest in the use of materials to map country and pathway, experimenting with string, fabric and salt.”


Adrianne was commissioned by Garry Stewart to work with the ADT dancers for two weeks on the developing material for a new work that explores water, in all it’s manifestations

Adrianne with the Dancers of ADT
Left to right: Kimball Wong, Harrison Elliott, Rowan Rossi, Ally Clarke, Adrianne Semmens, Darci O’Rourke, Christopher Mills, Sophie Stuut, Thomas Fonua