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Darci O’Rourke is a versatile artist who is passionate about the individual expression that creativity and dance offers. She is inspired to empower the concept of diversity through her art revealing that her creative journey motivates all aspects of who she is.

Darci has trained in numerous dance styles under the guidance of names including Sarah Boulter, Adam Blanch, Cathie Goss and Jessica Hesketh, producing her diverse vocabulary of intention and movement quality.

She has had the pleasure of being cast in works including Chrysalis by Josh Mu, Emotions in Motion by Sarah Boulter, Gravitate by Larissa McGowan, along with works created by Adam Blanch and Lucas Jervies.

Darci is a motivated artist who thrives in an environment that challenges and welcomes new understandings physically, mentally and emotionally.

In 2020, Darci joined Australian Dance Theatre’s professional ensemble.




Image © Jonathon VDK