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Dianne Reid (2021)


“My practice as a dance and video artist choreographs multifarious spaces and artforms in pursuit of intimate and particular exchange. I am in the business of choreographing connection—experimenting with dance as a means to gather communities and cultivate sensitivity. 

“Artist residencies are incredible gifts, not only for the recipients, but for the community of other artists, students and audiences in that community. They allow an artist to immerse in the creative process, to sketch, observe, risk, deepen—to take time out from the multi-tasking busy-ness of surviving as a creative artist and settle into the crafting of something precious. My previous experiences as an artist in residence have built unique choreographic works and creative collaborations that have resonated through my work for years afterwards. What is particularly precious about this opportunity as artist in residence at Australian Dance Theatre is that it is a coming home to the place and people where my career in contemporary dance began. It was after being flicked with a performer’s sweat at an ADT performance in the early 1980’s that I decided to audition for the BA dance course at the SACAE Adelaide campus. It was, and still is, the intimacy and sensation of dance that has fuelled my career and gifted me a community.
“My proposal for this residency—Screendance Strategies for Creative Survival—engages with this notion of history, community and intimate exchange to build a series of live dance and video artefacts. I will begin by bringing a range of people from my dance history (teachers, performance peers, creative collaborators and composers), into a creative exchange either live in the studio for those Adelaide-based or via Zoom/online meetings for those elsewhere nationally and internationally. Through discussions, choreographic propositions, improvisational scores and filmic responses I will develop a palette of filmed exchanges. These edited materials could then be presented as an installation with live danced responses from local dance artists at the end of the residency, and/or developed into a choreographic sequence performed by a larger group from the wider dance community in the streets of Norwood. This residency gives me an opportunity to also build my community and profile as a teacher in the Adelaide community by offering open classes in contemporary dance and improvisation over the weeks. Documentation of my creative process will be presented online throughout the residency, acting as a local dance archive while inviting creative responses from the global dance community.”