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Humanhood (2017)


Humanhood Company was founded in 2016 by Birmingham and Catalan born artists Rudi Cole and Júlia Robert Parés, and since the creation of their first duet the company has a rapidly growing following both in the UK and International scene. Together, they have developed a unique symbiotic fluid movement language that lies at the core of their work, creating intricate choreographic patterns that merge into multilayered energetic shapes with flow and dynamism.


Rudi Cole 

Rudi started dancing from the days he could walk. He was active in youth dance companies before he went on to study at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. His journey into the professional world as a dancer took him around the globe working for companies including Compagnie Thor and Akram Khan.

He founded Humanhood in 2016 together with Julia Robert, and co-choreographed short outdoor duets and the company’s first full length piece ZERO, performed in UK, Europe and Asia. In 2017, they both became Associate Artist at DanceXchange and are currently developing Humanhood’s first group production Torus to be premiered in 2019.

Rudi has an acute sense of rhythm and works on harnessing the raw essence of it in both the choreography and the company’s movement language. As co-artistic director of Humanhood, Rudi is the Yang component of the company bringing the male and rytmic approach to the work.


Julia Robert –  Bio

Originary from Sitges (Barcelona), Julia started a physics degree before shifting her full attention into dance. Graduating from the London Contemporary Dance School she when to work with Jasmin Vardimon and had several years performing as a freelance dancer.

She met Rudi Cole in 2013 while working as freelance dancer in Birmingham. Together, they founded Humanhood in 2016, and created their full length duet ZERO. Julia and Rudi are Associate Artists at DanceXchange and considered two of the brighest rising talents in Birmingham.

Recent works include ZERO, and outdoor duets Nomadis and Orbis. They have also choreographed for postgraduate companies such as Cobosmika Seed (Spain), NSCD (UK) and professional company T.H.E Company (Singapore).

Julia is the Yin element of the company, bringing the female and harmonic aspects as well as her physics background to the work and the choreographic ideas to Humanhood.