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Jada Narkle is an emerging artist and Noongar yorga, from the Wiilman and Yued tribes.

Her practise prefaces the deep and intricate understanding and exploration of interconnectivity. Through this knowledge she is recontextualising her understanding of time and space, and the body’s interaction and endless navigation of these as non-linear concepts.

As a First Nations woman, Jada aims to facilitate spaces with softness and vulnerability, accentuating the connection of Blak woman’s bodies to the earth. Her creative process is demonstrative of ancestral connections, genetic memory, intersectionality and trauma pathways, which manifest in movement, language, poetry and installation.

Jada looks to explore the shared internal conflict, and lived experience of Indigenous people, through accessible, yet confrontational physicalisation and installation. She believes this to be intrinsically tied to reclaiming autonomy, reconnecting to ancestors, decolonising, and initiating changes across and throughout the Nyitting (time and space) in which she occupies.





Image © Jonathon VDK