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Jessie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance from Adelaide College of the Arts and Masters in Teaching from the University of South Australia.

As a choreographer she has an interest in making work from stories, history, and human nature. Jessie aims to create contemporary dance work with a narrative, staying close to vivid images invoked by story. Through strong narrative and textures explored through movement and presentation, playful fancy and fanciful truth, she aims to create work that is its own little world, to help audiences separate themselves from reality, in hope to find something in this non-reality that is live theatre.

Jessie choreographed her first dance work Foxing Round a Story in 2010 for the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and was nominated for 2 Fringe Awards, including Best Dance. Jessie premiered her work The Isabetta Project for the 2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival, it won a Best Dance Award at the Weekly Fringe Awards, and the inSPACE Development Award. In 2017 Jessie had a Residency at the Adelaide Festival Centre, developing a new work as part of the inSPACE Development Program. In 2018 Jessie had a choreographic residency at inSPACE and Dance Hub SA, continuing her development of her new work A Supposed Truth, which premiered at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

In 2019 Jessie conducted a Residency at Australian Dance Theatre’s ICC to research a new work. In 2020, Jessie will continue to research and create this new work through the support of ICC and DanceHub SA.

This time at ADT’s ICC has allowed Jessie to research and continue her ideas through experimenting with ideas on connection and re-connecting; investigating the time we live in, in all its challenges and frustrating infrastructures of politics, technology, and environmental pressures on what it is to be/how to be, human.

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