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Lina Limosani

An original member of Garry Stewart’s Australian Dance Theatre, Lina has since performed with Lucy Guerin, Chunky Move, Narelle Benjamin, New Zealand Dance Company, David Hughes Dance Company, Plan B, Oceanallover and Munich’s Micha Purucker. Her choreographic works include ‘A Delicate Situation’, ‘One’s Wicked Ways’ (ADT), ‘Whispers From Pandora’s Box’ (NZDC), & Not Today’s Yesterday with London’s Bharatanatyam dancer Seeta Patel. Her 2018 hit The Spinners with Scottish Visual Theatre director Al Seed had sell-out seasons at the Adelaide Dance Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it was nominated for a Total Theatre Award for Dance and selected as a Top 10 dance work presented in the UK in 2018. Lina recently created ‘Fall In’ for the Australian Ballet’s Bodytorque season.


“Over the years, Australian Dance Theatre have supported the development of a number of my work through either there 1st or 2nd stage developments. 2008 saw the company support the creation of The Tighter You Squeeze, a work focusing on the concepts of ‘attachment’ and its emotional associations through the ’then’ Enhancement Program. My work A Delicate Situation was supported through the Artist in Residency Program in 2010 aiding in its eventual presentation at the Adelaide Festival Centre. Most recently the company supported the first stage development of an international collaboration with Scottish Visual Theatre director Al Seed. The Spinners is a story of the Greek Moirai, the trio of women who are the physical manifestations of fate and destiny.”
– Lina Limosani