Research & Projects

Australian Dance Theatre and Garry Stewart participate in research and collaborations with a broad range of academic and artistic partners.

These projects have spanned topics including neuroscience, psychology, health and technology. The value of this research is to identify the relationship and connectivity that dance has with other disciplines, other communities and alternate arenas of thought.

This process affords dance a wider context beyond its attachment to performativity.


Sophie Stuut from her Microfilm, ‘On My Own’


This project was a partnership between Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) and the College of Humanities, Art and Social Sciences at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. In Microfilms, nine professional dancers of the ADT are guided through the process of making a dance film using their...



The Cubic Museum was a performance installation set inside a 3 cubic metre Perspex cube situated at the centre of the astonishing Pacific Cultures Gallery at the South Australian Museum. The clear Perpex cube provided an opportunity to reference and recontextualise the classic 19th...



The Art and Science of Movement A forum held at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas 2013. Listen here (courtesy of Radio Adelaide) More than sport, dance is the most complex and detailed movement system that humans have devised. Rather than the brain simply existing as...



Thinker in Residence Garry Stewart undertook a project as Thinker in Residence at Deakin University’s Motion.Lab (Melbourne), at the invitation of Dr Kim Vincs, in 2012 & 2013. The project was completed in association with the Centre for Intelligent Systems Research. Garry researched 3D...



Neurocognition and Dance Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant Supported by the Australian Research Council Linkage Project scheme, ADT is collaborating with an international team of researchers on a new research project “Thinking Brains and Bodies: Distributed Cognition and Dynamic Memory in Australian Dance Theatre”. Researchers...



A clinical application of Proximity Interactive to help with the rehabilitation of people with neurological damage, developed with Susan Hillier – a neuroscience and rehabilitation researcher from University of South Australia was tested in June/July 2014 at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre. In 2017, Susan Hillier and UniSA are...


Shaping the Landscape – Celebrating Dance in Australia

This, the fourth book in the series ‘Celebrating Dance in Asia and the Pacific’, explores the current dance scene in Australia from a wide...

Fifty Contemporary Choreographers – Second Edition

A unique and authoritative guide to the lives and work of prominent living contemporary choreographers. Representing a wide range of dance genres, each entry...

Bodies of Thought: Twelve Australian Choreographers

An important new book on Australian contemporary dance, Bodies of Thought: 12 Australian Choreographers features a generation of award-winning, innovative Australian choreographers with international...