‘From the other side of chaos…’ Directed By Tobiah Booth-Remmers

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Directed by ADT’s 2022 Associate Artist, Tobiah Booth-Remmers

‘From the other side of chaos is a deep dive into the space between music, movement, materials and spoken word. It’s an exploration of the world that is created when all these mediums meet on an equal playing field, and clash and coalesce into something entirely different and unexpected. The work is driven by no one artistic medium or narrative but seeks to discover a new common language out of the ‘chaos’ of improvisational experimentation. Through tearing apart our expectations of artistic mediums, it searches for what brings us together, both as artists and as people.

The context of the performance is durational and self-curatorial, allowing the audience to move freely between the main performance area where they inhabit the same world as the artists, to the foyer where they can relax and reflect, whilst also witnessing the work from a different perspective.


1 – 2 December 2022

The Odeon, 57A Queen St Norwood