In Garry Stewart’s Habitus he explores the relationship between humans, our domestic world and the topographies of nature.

In this fascinating work dancers from Australian Dance Theatre reframe the logic of our engagement with domestic objects – books, ironing boards, sofas and other household paraphernalia – iconic emblems of domestic living that we rarely consider outside of their conventional function. Stewart uses dance as a system with which to situate bodies in a surrealistic, counter-logical and counter-utili­tarian relationship to these objects. Through placing them within ‘dance’ he playfully liberates the audience’s understanding of these objects and of ourselves.

What is the final destination for all of this ‘stuff’, this manufactured detritus that we have heaped onto the world? Will nature inevitably reclaim it unto itself?

In the final part of the work the dancers depict our return to our instinctive, animal selves inevitably superseding the fading structures of postmodern humanity.