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Responding to the polar regions of our planet – the Arctic Circle and Antarctica – North/South is an extraordinary double bill from two acclaimed choreographers, Ina Christel Johannessen and Garry Stewart.

When humans seek refuge in an enclosed space how is their behaviour shaped when lethal weather forces rage all around them? Ina Christel Johannessen’s North sees a collection of characters trapped in a shelter amidst an Arctic blizzard. As an artist living and working in the Arctic Circle, Johannessen has witnessed first-hand the rapid changes wrought by global warming and it’s emotional and psychological impacts on the people that live there. North explores the intimate and powerful exchange that plays out between humans and their environment.

Garry Stewart’s South depicts Sir Douglas Mawson’s fateful and dramatic journey to Antarctica as an allegory for our current predicament in the era of rapid global warming. Travelling from Adelaide to the southern-most continent in 1913, Mawson’s story is one of loss and vulnerability in an alien and forbidding landscape.

North/South is a unique collaboration that sees two legendary contemporary choreographers united to create a powerful new work of tragedy, loss and emotion.


“utterly compelling… one of the most memorable and exciting theatrical works in recent memory” – Dance Australia