In his first work on a German ensemble, Garry Stewart undertook residency in Europe to create Objekt.

The work was created in collaboration with Germany’s tanzmainz – the contemporary dance company of Staatstheater Mainz, lead by its Director Honne Dohrmann.

Exploring the objectification of humans and how this allows one group to measure, corral, and subjugate another, Objekt is symbolic of today’s socio-political reality.

The work is an amplification of the fundamental condition of humans, who are oriented toward touch, and the manipulation of objects in space and time. We do not exist in a vacuum, but in a universe where we negotiate other physical entities that we relate to through our physiology, perceptions and emotions.

Like objects, human bodies possess qualities such as mass, geometry, space, volume, inertness, and receptivity to forces (such as gravity and propulsion). Unlike objects, humans are constituted out of consciousness, will, desires, cognition, emotions and subjectivity.

Through viewing someone else as ‘the other’ we cease to recognize their humanity and instead our behaviour toward them is similar to our treatment of objects.