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Garry Stewart’s latest major work in development, Supernature, references ideas on transhumanism as a springboard into new mythologies on the potential future of the species. In this work, we decentre the stability of the Vitruvian man and our received understanding of ‘human’ by collapsing the divide between the anthropomorphic and zoomorphic. In the age of the Anthropocene, Supernature manifests as a surreal and awe-inspiring depiction of the relationship between humans and the natural world.

The work suggests concepts in relation to interspecies hybridity, metamorphosis, fecundity, reproduction, decrepitude, mutations and the processes of evolution. It raises questions about fundamental aspects of our existence – our artificiality, our ‘animalness’, and our relationship with the environment, blurring the boundaries between the real and the surreal. 

Eschewing dystopian depictions of nature, the overarching tone of Supernature is one of awe and wonder. It reflects on the unceasing and audacious creativity of nature. Through conjuring an otherworldly space, the stage becomes a site for the playing out of contemporary mythologies in relation to the evolution of the human body and the natural world.