The Beginning of Nature

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The Beginning of Nature is a dance and music performance based upon the idea of rhythms in nature. Humans – and all living forms – exist within a phenomenally complex symphony of overlapping rhythms that constitute the very fabric of nature and life itself.  These rhythms are manifested in day and night, the seasons, tidal patterns, migration, hibernation, sleep and waking, weather patterns, the binary of growth and decay and the various systems of the body.

Combining live music and the dancers of ADT, the work explores the forces that nature asserts over humankind despite our continued efforts to see ourselves as separate from nature, and the notion that our bodies are inscribed with the same rhythms that underpin nature itself.

Acclaimed composer, Brendan Woithe, has collaborated with Kaurna consultant, Jack Buckskin, to develop the original score fusing electronica with a string quartet. With live accompaniment by two vocalists, the spell-binding score includes a libretto sung in Kaurna language, the first language of the Adelaide Plains, home to ADT.

The Kaurna language is the cultural property of the Kaurna people. During the creation of this work ADT consulted with Kaurna Elder Uncle Lewis O’Brien, respected Adelaide-based Indigenous artist and consultant, Lee-Ann Buckskin, and Jack Buckskin, a Kaurna language teacher and dancer, to develop the language component of this project.

…absolutely compelling and engrossing to watch
– Canberra Times