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The Choreography of Emotions is a 10 – 12 minute animated film directed by Garry Stewart.

If we took the total emotional range over a human lifespan and compacted it into a few minutes what might this look like? In The Choreography of Emotions this is represented as a dazzlingly baroque explosion of imagery.

The film explores the choreographic possibilities of the habituated gestures and facial expressions that constitute human emotions. The physicality of human emotions are universal and can be read from one cultural group to another. The way in which emotions are expressed by the body is a type of dance if we think of ‘dance’ as being underpinned by kinetics and rhythmic patterns of the body.

Formerly titled Mood Machine, the film was created in collaboration with cinematographer and post-production editor Brenton Kempster (Zulumu) who has also worked with Australian Dance Theatre on past productions Be Your Self and Held.

The soundscore, realised by a long term Sydney based collaborator Brendan Woithe (KLANG) is an atmospheric electronic score which employs digitally altered samples of the sounds associated with human emotions such as sobbing, laughter, sighing, breathing, the heartbeat etc.

Mood Machine premiered at the 2015 Adelaide Film Festival as part of the Made in SA Program.

“Mood Machine is a glorious trip – a rhythmic, kaleidoscopic ride through abstract patterns created from hair, skin, teeth and assorted body parts. It got my vote for best short of the night” – InDaily