Australian Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director, Daniel Riley, evokes an immensely personal story of his great-uncle, Alec ‘Tracker” Riley in the Wrold Premiere of Tracker.

Alec, a Wiradjuri Elder and tracker, served the New South Wales Police Force for 40 years, leading numerous high-profile cases. As an Elder of his community, he forged a path between the enforced colonial system in which he worked and his Wiradjuri lore. Tracker takes inspiration from his legacy and examines the battles First Nations people have shared for generations.

Weaving together dance, music and text, Tracker invites the audience into an open and transformative ceremonial space which rethingks how we engage with and experience First ANtions storytelling.

This remarkable story is brought to life by an incredible team of celebrated First Nations creatives, including Riley, award-winning playwright Ursula Yovich, co-director Rachael Maza AM, composers James Henry and Gary Watling, visual artist Jonathan Jones, lighting designer Chloe Ogilvie and a stellar all-First Nations cast.

Tickets on sale now:
Sydney Festival (10-14 January 2023)
Perth Festival (1-4 March 2023)
Adelaide Festival (10 – 18 March 2023)

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Image © Jonathan VDK (Performer: Tyrel Dulvarie)