Youth & Education

Australian Dance Theatre has a proud history of supporting dance education for all ages, providing opportunities from its studios, in schools and on tour for secondary & tertiary students, graduates and the public. The program connects schools, teachers and students to leading professionals in the dance industry through creative experiences that promote self-confidence, ingenuity and physical awareness while also engendering a deeper understanding of the world of dance and the arts.

Participating in dance provides creative, healthy and stimulating experiences for young South Australians. A primary aim of the Learning Program is to provide meaningful arts and cultural experiences for children and young people, irrespective of their geographical location.

ADT is committed to significantly expanding the reach of its Learning Program as part of its strong community engagement focus. With specific attention to rural, developing and underprivileged areas, we aim to make dance more accessible to students. 

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“In attending any program that ADT have offered to schools, my students have always been completely inspired and informed” – Mitcham Girls Dance

Creative workshop at ADT. Photo by Meaghan Coles.